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We are a small publisher bringing interesting and unusual books to market. We have books about living in the mountains, thinking deeply and discovering the world anew.

The Flying Crossbeam

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Rest In Peace, Jane

We are deeply saddened by the death of our good friend and author, Jane Wodening. Her obituary may be found in The New York Times.


We stock many of her books but for other books published by other publishers, go to


Software engineering has become the routine assembly of standard components into mundane features. Nonetheless, bullpens all over the U.S. are crammed with well-paid drones tapping out easily conceivable, trivially executed instructions for web browsers and cell phones. There was a time when software was challenging and interesting. When did that change and why? Can software be restored to an engineering discipline and if so, how would that benefit businesses and consumers? This book explores that question and proposes options for making software engineering challenging and truly productive.

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