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Sockwood Press

Sockwood Press publishes books that make people think. Some philosophy, some biography, some mountain poetry. Positioned in the Colorado mountains at 8600 feet altitude, we must admit a mountain bias.


Sockwood sells books, we do not rent them. When you buy a book from us, you own it. It is yours. You may make as many copies on as many devices as you want for your own use.

Consistent with reasonable and now largely rescinded copyright law, we encourage you to give a copy of your book to a friend. You can even give another copy to a second friend and those two friends may make as many copies as they like for their own personal use.

Please do not give a copy to a third friend -- that makes you a publisher competing with us using our own material. That is the essence of the entirely reasonable copyright law of the 1960's with which we are aligned. This treatment of creative work that you own is called "fair use."

The Worker's Wage

We are told that "the worker is worthy of his wage." One who works hard to produce something worthy of respect deserves to receive reasonable compensation

The writers, editors and technical support staff who produced these books did so with great skill and sincerity in the hopes that the reader or listener would be intrigued, edified and inspired. Such work is worthy of recompense. We thank you for respecting our understanding of fair use and not distributing our books in a way that would threaten the rights of our workers.


We try to always provide products of the highest quality. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please contact us. We will gladly replace your purchased item or refund your purchase price.

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