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Common Questions

Is there any difference in content between printed books and ebooks? Or between Mp3s and CDs?

No! They are the same content, just different media.

Is there any difference in content between printed books and audiobooks?

Yes. There are slight changes required to express information from the text in audio form without the benefit of pictures or footnotes. Every effort is made to provide the same unabridged meaning in both.

Do you take returns?

We do, for physical materials such as printed books and audio CDs that are delivered damaged. We do not take returns on Mp3s or Ebooks due to issues with the content. Please read or listen to the samples before ordering them, so you will know what you are getting, in that case.


Let us know if you wish to return our material and we will refund you the purchase price plus shipping both ways. Material must be in delivered condition.

Do you sell on Amazon?

No, we do not. We personally feel that Amazon has become an objectionable monopoly that should have been curtailed by the United States federal government some time ago, and also tends to treat its employees as cattle. We eschew Amazon, and all it stands for. Please order from our website. Thanks for putting up with our prejudices.

Are all of your authors truly "locals"?

All of them are either currently locals, or were so recently. Julian Taylor and George Blevins both live in the Peak to Peak area. Jane Wodening lived here until a few years ago, when she moved to Denver. Liz Caile was a beloved Peak to Peak resident and well-known newspaper columnist until her untimely death in 1998. The proceeds from her books go to the Carousel of Happiness in Nederland.

Why doesn't my car stereo play the audiobook chapters in the correct order?

We provide an m3u which is ignored by many players as well as track numbers in each mp3 which is ignored by some players and we make sure that the chapter titles are named so that when read in dictionary order the chapters will list in the correct order. There are car stereos that don't even take that into account. If you have no system that will play these audiobooks in correct order, please let us know and we will refund your payment.

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