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Wolf Dictionary in EPUB format


Wolf Dictionary in EPUB format

  • “Along with D. H. Lawrence, Jack London, and Ernest Thomas Seaton, Jane is the finest writer of non-human animal life in North American lit. Her latest work, WOLF DICTIONARY will join WHITE FANG and Cormac McCarthy’s THE CROSSING as the most stunning wolf writing ever.” — Peter Warshall, NaturalistBoth violent and gentle, this book is the story of the last Rocky Mountain Wolf, and how he lived and died. Based upon real-life observations by curious locals, Jane extrapolates a wolf's experience based upon research, myth and stories. Did a wolf in the Indian Peaks region mate with a coyote female out of loneliness and desperation? How do these alpha animals communicate? Jane explores how that communication works, from tail wags to tongue licks, and gives us an insight into the animal's psychology, all the while enthralling us with his experience of fighting to survive, and his moments of contentment and joy in his environment. A beautiful, insightful animal story that is creature-centric, not human-centric.


    This is in EPUB format, an IDPF standard. It should work with all popular smartphones, tablets and computers.

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